He's been distant lately-how to make a deeper connection?

Me and this guy have been seeing each other for over 6 months. We hook up, talk about things, and made plans to see each other every week. We were a one night stand and ever since he s always wanted to see me, and even done favours for me, like giving me a ride, lifting heavy things, etc.

But now I haven t seen him in over 2 weeks. After thanksgiving, he was really excited to see me again. But since then, it s been wishy washy. I invited him to a few Halloween events with me, either he had work the next day (he s works 6 days a week) or it just wasn t really his thing. I thought he was was losing interest. He still asked to see me last week but he flopped last minute for the first time.. saying he ll make it up to me.

So I started acting distant. I usually don t text him first, but he ll contact me about 2 times a week asking how the party went or what not, and I stop replying to him. One time he sent me "loser" cause I never replied to him. He sometimes would reply to my snapchat stories. He asked to hang out once at last minute because he was "in my area", but I made an excuse saying I was busy (he always plans to see me in advance, not last minute..)

It's like we're both playing hard to get. Today, he commented on one of my new pictures "nice smile ;)". He hasn't texted me yet though.

What do you think - interested or not? Also, how can I make us have a deeper connection? We've had a few deep talks.. what are good things to ask him?


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  • I started reading your story at 11:28 am and at around 11:30 am, I think my head exploded.

    Clearly this guy is not a player, if he was, he would have banged and fell off the face of the earth. Hey maybe keeping his distance to play it cool seeing as to the fact that you are chasing him, and when women chase, we often let them, because it works wonders. Now that you are playing hard to act by being distant, you are messing things up.

    I think you should call him and talk to him on the phone, an honest assessment of your guys relationship and set some standards and boundaries. When he calls to hang out, obviously you don't want to seem like you're not busy at all times, but if you are free, you should make an attempt to meet up if you like the guy instead of playing all these childish games.

  • Don't play these retarded games with each other, they complicate things and as result as we see now you are sure what's going on. Teasing, fun and banter are great but bad habits of communication and not being open about each others feelings leads to disaster. You got hurt by his last minute refusal. Have you talked about the reasons? No, so you got upset and "act distant". These mind games leads to jack shit and can destroy any proper, fruitful and healthy relationship. COMMUNICATE, be honest and say what's up. You can say hi I miss you and I got upset you left me hanging the other day but it is fine, I know you are very busy. Do you want to meet up, just us two? If a person I am dating pulls this stuff I am usually immediately disinterested. Either you like me or you don't. See my point here?


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