How to attract extremely hot ladies what does it take physically and personality wise?

i feel that extremely hot women are out of my league


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  • I'm a fitness model and get approched by guys all the time. some were really short some were just trying their luck. ok but seriously now that's your first mistake don't think anyone is out of your league just play up to your strengths and up your confidence cause confidence is sexy to any women. in the mean time concentrate on your own life when you're so busy with your own life you meet potential partners with out even looking for them. if they hot gr8 but if they hot with a shitty personality its up to you what you decide. but if they hot with a good attitude then thumbs up. like I said jst try being more condident.

    • were you ever attracted by a short fat dude be honest please

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  • be a confident fuck to make her feel she's OUT OF YOUR LEAGUE and don't give her a face treat her like a friend and end the convo but flirt

    • but i think you need to be hot in my opinion i think that a tall dark handsome man would come up confident when approaching and a fat short ugly man would come up a creep

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    • can i message you in private?

  • Why don't you just go for women in your league then?

    • i am not attracted by them...

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    • I don't know why I dislike it, there's no rational reason behind it.

    • i get you time to get a haircut

  • Money talks

    • lol that's accurate but i am poor as fuck i am only a medical student

  • extremely hot is relative... what's hot to someone, may not be to someone else. Just look at her as a normal person. That's it.

    • extremely hot for me i mean there's this girl i am like and i can't dare and approach her

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    • believe you are... the mind is powerful

    • and if you believe it, she will too

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