Why do people do this?

I'd liked this guy for a while, so a mutual friend of ours set us up. He asked me to be his girlfriend and, naturally, I said yes. He seemed to really like me and even said he loved me and talked about getting married and moving away together. Fast forward a few months later. He broke up with me, telling me that he'd never had feelings for me in the first place.

So, my question is why do people lead others on? What do they actually get out of it?


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  • Well, considering that you say you're under 18, teenagers tend to think they're in love right away, then when things go bad, denying it in the first place. I know this because I'm a teenager myself, and have witnessed this many times. It seems to me that most teenagers use each other just to have a boyfriend or girlfriend, so sometimes they lead each other on, or they do what I said before and really think they are in love but deny it after breaking up. I don't really know what they get out of it, maybe it makes them feel wanted and inflates their ego. Honestly, being a teenager sucks because everyone creates so much unnecessary drama. I still haven't dated because I see through the guys at my school. The guy you dated sounds like a jerk, but don't let it affect you, most highschool guys are jerks. I hope everything works out for you.


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  • The guy wanted to lasso and corral you while he made up his mind.


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