Gals... every been 'picked up' or go on a date and a creep turns it into a nightmare?

What happened?

Anything you would do different now to avoid it?


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  • Yes. Getting treated like crap before you meet than you are a huge secret when you do. He won't just meet for coffee only at a hotel. Having a bad feeling in the pit of your stomach. Being so desperate you agree to his requests. The nightmare begins. Rape, self abuse and threatening. Getting away from that in one piece is just plain lucky.


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  • When I was younger and naive / desperate I used to go on dates with guys I met online and I had terrible experiences with them. I wasn't used for sex, did not sleep with them and was never raped or violently abused in any way but the potential for mistreatment was very high.

    One guy I didn't even know told me I should engage in physical contact with him even though I didn't want to, simply becasue that was what he wanted.

    Another guy looked like he was 85 and told me he was 30.

    Another guy started harassing me and told me I should date him simply because he was lonely and didn't have any friends.

    Another guy believed FALSELY that I was rejecting him based on a misunderstanding of who he was and he felt like I wasn't giving him the "credit" he deserved by dating him as if he was entitled to me when he clearly was not.

    And then there was another horrible guy who had unprotected sex with a 50 year old woman on a camping trip and then told me he preferred the 50 year old to me.

    I'm lucky I didn't sleep with or go on a second date with any of these guys. (at least not for 7 years after the first date)

    Now I'm older and wise - I get asked out less since I'm no longer considered young and naive - but the guys who go for me are interested in my personality and in making me their wives.

    • How could you go on al the online dates and never been sexually pressured? Your lucky as hell not to have had a terrible experience.

  • Nope! I pretty much only dated guys I kind of knew.
    I've been hit on by some creepers but that's about all.
    sorry for my boring story.


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