Which one of these guys will have a more successful dating life?

Just asking a question Can't handle it go kick rocks. Which one will have a more successful dating life in your opinion?

Guy 1 is Has a awesome personality and compatible but is Frightfully unattractive and makes little money.

Guy 2 is extremely attractive charming and makes great money, but has a bad personality


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  • Guy 1- will get women on his social status, friend group and level. if he can get over the fact that he probably will never date a 10, then he can go on and have happy and fulfilling relationships if he has no other hang ups. and when I say, he probably won't date a 10, let's be honest and say he probably won't date an 8 either. I see unattractive guys in happy relationships with women that are also probably not the type who would turn mens heads.

    guy 2- he will attract gold diggers and shallow women who just tolerate his flaws and use him for money. decent women will initially be attracted to him, but they will soon end things once they see his true colors. most of his dealings will be like a mutually symbiotic relationship where he dates hot girls for sex and image and they date him for status, money and lifestyle. he won't find a genuine woman or true love until he changes his attitude.

    • That wasn't the question I said which one would be more successful period

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    • Success as in opportunities to date women and have relationships and sex with them.

    • I think that @ shut up and marry me summed it up correctly.

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  • Aren't you the same guy who asked the other question about which guy would a woman choose? The horrifically ugly man with a great personality or the handsom twat?


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  • Guy 2. Can't play if you can't get into the club.

  • Guy 1 will get nothing. Guy 2 will be very successful.

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