If you're a shy guy, would you rather?

See, if you're a shy guy and there are a lot of girls you're meeting.
1 is average looking,
2 are a little better looking,
And another one is really nice looking.
So if the first one who's average comes to you and starts talking to you, would you rather talk to her and keep talking to her rather than trying to talk to the ones who are more attractive?


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  • I don't approach women at all, really, so I'd talk to whoever appraoches me. HOWEVER, being shy doesn't mean I lack standards. If this female approaching me was sub-par I wouldn't advance into relationship. I'd talk to her in a friendly sense but we wouldn't be "talking".

    Both girlfriends I've ever had asked me out out of nowhere and I said yes. Both aren't insanely ugly, but not exceedingly attractive either (though they had some cuteness which was enough for me).

    • No, she isn't bad looking. It's just that there are better looking options available.

    • That may or may not be true. There's the element of "sure I could PROBABLY find a girl with an equal or greater personality that is more attractive" but I'm sure they'd likely be in a relationship already or not be interested. It's too much work to search for someone "better" when, honestly, I have everything I could ask for in a female in my "possession" so to speak.

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  • I would rather talk to the one with the best personality.

  • I'd go for the avg looking one that approaches me. . .


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