Woman, how would you see this approach if I was approaching you with it?


I usually take week or two to get to know her and especially get to know the details about her and investing time in building a rapport. I ask them out on a just friendly meeting. If I feel that whatever woman I was interpreting so far matches an actual woman. I let them know that I am interested in them more than friend. I ask them to suggest the time for the next meeting only if they can also feel the attraction towards me more than a friend.

If I really like someone I just let them know (without wasting time in testing via mind games or being husy wussy about it). that I do like them right away and give them a freedom to choose. Or let's say I just ask them to follow their heart.

I set the generous timeline like a month or so to get back to me with just a date and time as I can plan what to do on the date. I say clearly, I do like you but I love your freedom of choice. Its OK for me if you don't want to date me or don't find me attractive. There are 3 billion other women on this planet.

Being aloof, or being husy wussy is a huge turn off for me. I keep my life simple and straight forward. I don't let girls do that and I give them a chance to change it. I don't expect to text me for hours but one or two text of simple "hi" or "how was your day?" Is highly expected at least four times a week. I prefer to talk in person.

If I am interested, I show care, respect and affection i dont want a girl who finds those traits as boring. The only exciting thing or point of theor self validation about their life is to find out if guy does really care for them. I dont have a life to waste.

Any thoughts or opinions?


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  • I think its a good approach and a month is a good amount of time to allow her to reply because sometimes people are busy and unsure of their feelings and their schedules. And once you start dating I think 4 texts a week is a reasonable amount.

    • Thanks for your opinion, however I am pursuing a great girl at my work. She is in management of the company. The only thing is she genuinely looks very interested in person. She is horrible texted however she does reply to my direct questions. I haven't seen her ever texting to anybody.

      My timeline ended recently and I asked her to see me in person for the last time as I like to put a decent end on what I start. She did show up and told me she was busy with her sick grandma and work. She told me we will surely meet this week.

      I understand she has a very busy life but if she doesn't get back to me or we don't meet within this week. What should I do? I have told her she can communicate in any form and just discuss her problem or concern about anything.

      She is like CIA vault lol. You know. She was saying that she felt very bad about it. As a girl what do you think is her problem?

    • Maybe she is really busy and is goin through some things right now. Just give her some time. She may not want to lay all her burdens on you and tell you everything she's goin through because when people are first dating things are usually kept light. If you're not willing to wait then just let it go and if you are just let her know you're there if she needs you and she may or may not contact you in the future

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