Tips for a shy school focused girl?

Long story short I met this very shy girl last year. She has no experience with relationships. Since then we have both been pretty busy so we haven't had a chance to really go out. So our flirting goes up and down basically none till the summer then it got pretty normal but since school started she has went silent. We still talk but we hardly flirt. It was the same before when she was in school but I was hoping it was her being shy and the summer had loosened her up. I guess I was wrong. I asked her and she said its just because she is busy. If it were any other girl I would think she lost interest but something about her tells me she is actually just that focused on school.

Any shy girls out there have any tips? Im just trying to take it slow and not push her, but also I still try to flirt so she knows Im interested. But I just feel lost its been a long time since I have had to court anyone and longer since I had to go this slow. Im also not sure I have dated anyone this shy. I love shy girls normally but I haven't had to deal with one who is this shy before. I feel out of my depth even though Im sure I am not doing to terrible. Just confusing when she is so reserved and hardly flirts or talks.


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  • It seems like she is probably just busy. Maybe you can try making time to actully spend time together and that will tell you if she she's actually interested if she acts the same as she did over the summer. Also, some people get really determined while in school or working so if she's one of those people and isn't willing to make time for you be prepared to move on because it's not fair for you to be strung along.


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