My boyfriend barely kisses me?

My boyfriend only kisses me occasionally but I dont know why, could there be a reason


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  • I'm dating a girl at the moment who I don't really want to kiss. I normally love kissing, but when we kiss- suddenly I get attacked by her tongue. Suddenly she goes nuts and I get this horse tongue shoved into my mouth and I feel like I'm going to be suffocated. We're new together so I'm not sure how to bring it up to her without hurting her feelings. (Hey horse tongue chill the f out!! Lol) but I will have to broach the subject if we are to continue the relationship. I don't know if that has anything to do with your situation but maybe discuss it with him and tell him that he can be honest so you can improve your relationship.

    • Ahahahaha I don't stick my tongue in his mouth because i know what that's like (exs)

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    • Just tell her not too use so much tongue. I don't think she'll even care that much.

    • I never thought I'd know what it'd be like making out with a horse -but here we are. Lol

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  • Sounds like he's a dry dog cold fish to me you can do better then that

  • Maybe he doesn't enjoy kissing in general. Maybe your breath stinks, maybe he gets a sore throat from kissing you. Maybe he's just never horny and sees you as long term gf material and not just a piece of meat.

    • By kissing im also talking bout little specks it just never happens

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  • How's your breath and oral hygiene, sweetheart? And his?

  • I think it's fine. Is he the busy kind of man?

    • No I'm always with him and when I'm mot he's doing nothing