North Asian men, are you interested in women of other races? (I do not mean Caucasian women)?

Im quite interested in men who are North Asian. Their looks and mannerisms are extremely different to the men Im more used to being around and involved with romantically. However, I am yet to see a North Asian man who is in an interracial relationship, for many tend to stick within their own race or they are with Caucasian women.

(*I do not fetishise someone for their race - I simply find North Asian men physically appealing, and many seem a lot more polite compared to men of other races that I've met in my life*)

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  • I m korean (north asian) Canadian (immigrated at a young and grew up here) and I date white and Spanish only and some mixed. I know you're black right? I m just betting hahha. I know black women often dig Asian men. But obviously the westernized good looking ones.

    • I see. No, I'm not black haha. I am mixed race. White/Indian, so Im pretty fair skinned. Yes, many black women tend to get slightly angry when they talk about North Asian mens physical preferences... I am mostly just curious to be honest.

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    • Angry? Why? Lol also, having said that, I only had long teens with Asian women (canadian Bron chinese) for long relationships. I never had a long term with my own kind! I like your mix! I've see some with the same mix and they are pretty

    • Im not sure... Black women tend to be a lot curvier and obviously, darker skinned than most! And when I've spoken to black women about my attraction to North Asian men, and how they tend to go for Caucasian women when they aren't dating a person of their own race. And when I have they mention how Asian men only want skinny, white blond women because its a fetish of theirs... And they get pretty angry about it. Ohh I see. But youve went for Asian women, haha. Ohh, haha thank you lol. Yes many are :)

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  • I'm a Chinese guy and i find Indian girls attractive.

  • What's north Asian? I know South Asian


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