Can girls tell me what they like in a guy?

I know everyone likes something different but i just need a few different opinions. The reason i ask is because i am coming up to my year 11 ball next year and i have no idea who i will take, i go to an all guys school so a girl from my class is out of the question. I would just like a few opinions about what girls like.

Im not gonna go and change who i am but some info would be greatly appreciated.

Fyi im 15, just over 6 foot, stocky but not fat, shy at first, annoyed :)


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  • Respectful is such a big one.
    Sense of humor too - since I find guys that are funny up their attractiveness +5 just by being funny.
    Originality - the way you approach a girl, or try to flirt with her. If it's original or you put a spin on it, most girls will remember it for longer, or get curious about you. That being said, if you approach her first, you get major points no matter how you do it. I love guys who approach me first because it shows they're brave - able to push past the fear of rejection.
    Loyal - Even if you're not in a relationship, if you're starting to get to know a girl and you talk to her often, but one day she comes dressed sort of like a slob, don't ignore her because she doesn't look attractive that day. She will be pisseed. Or don't ditch talking to her for a more attractive girl. We take these things to heart.
    Passionate - ABOUT ANYTHING! I just can't stand guys who do nothing in their life, have no life goal, and just watch p*rn all day. There's some kids in my class who get 50's in math class while they talk about p*rn whilst never approaching a real life girl in their life. -- Just don't be one of them. You don't have to be skilled in academics, but sports, or art, or just ANYTHING!
    Healthy -- Said and done. Workout and eat healthy, not to get a six pack, but to just look more energetic and healthier overall.
    Clean -- Yeah. BIG turn off if you smell or have bad breath. I think this is for any gender.
    Clothes -- Style isn't super huge if you're naturally super attractive, but generally, wearing nicer clothes likes plaid or even nice sweaters give you the upper edge over old hoodies. Then again, I have a thing for guys in light gray sweatpants. So you choose what you like best :)

    Don't take my list to heart. It's just a few things I personally look for, but they're not requirements. If a guy isn't super funny, but the most caring person in the world I'm not going to say "NO! Get away! You're not funny enough!" Good luck!


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  • You are so young. You are unique, a facsimile yes, but not a copy of your parents.
    Just be nice. Avoid bullies, get the best education available.
    You'll be fine.

  • For me, a guy that plays or at least likes sport is absolute best :) one that is confident but not too cocky, has a great sense of humour and is trustworthy :)

  • What i like in guys most is when they are confident, yet humble :)
    Also, something that could be a huge turn on, or off is the smell... If a guy smells nice then it attracts me way more. It works the other way round when they smell blegh.

  • Tall
    Good looking
    Polite and respectful by all means
    Hard working and has a goal
    I think there might be more but these are the main ones


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