Guys... would you accept a date from a girl asking you out?

Guys, assuming the girl would normally be dating material for you. If a girl asked you out on a date, would you accept?

  • Nope, any girl that asks a guy out on a date is too needy and screwed up.
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  • Possibly, it just depends on the girl.
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  • I'd probably be thrilled... YES!
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Of course I would love it, guys are usually seen as the people who are dominant or the one who always takes the first step but if a girl did that to me and I liked her back I would love that.


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What Girls Said 2

  • and you grew up in the '70s. 'the hell is wrong with you? grow up.

  • Y wouldn't you she's not shy and showing she's interested


What Guys Said 2

  • Absolutely.

  • Sounds like fun, don't see the risk involved. If she's crazy she was never dating material to begin with so I don't see the point of that option.

    • The foundation for this poll originated from another poll I did called:

      "Girls / Ladies... why are you so petrified to pursue your crush and make the first move?"

      Here is the direct quote

      "Because legend has it that someone who initiates comes off as needy and scares off the guy. We would do it, but the truth is that it almost never ends well."

      I thought I'd make a poll on it to get down to brass tacks and learn more about this. My vote is 'I would be thrilled' most likely.

    • So... girls prefer that the guys be the needy ones? I guess that makes sense, let the others be needy, though I really really want him to ask me.

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