How can I know who to trust?


i'm 20 years old , I've never been in a relationship before

It's just as men want to be with me just to get into my pants and not interested in anything else.

I'm a virgin so I really want my first time to be with someone special.

Why do I keep attracting jerks?

How can I fix this?

I've been on so many bad experiences with guys it's just that I can't trust them

How can I know if a guy is sincere and trustworthy?

My feelings are so important to me , I really don't want to be used :(


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  • If you have the mentality that all guys are jerks then you probably don't show interest in any guys you meet. If you don't show interest in guys you meet then the ones who respect your opinion give up, but the ones who don't take no for an answer keep trying. The ones who don't take no for an answer are the guys only interested in sex.

    Be more open to people, and try to always be kind. eventually you'll find a guy who genuinely likes you, and when you do, don't play any mind games or act hard to get, cause guys that actually care about what you think will just leave you alone after doing that.

    • Thanks this really helped me

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  • Trust me not all guys are just trying to get into your pants! Some guys can be trusted and some can't same thing applies for women some can be trusted and some can't. You need to think about the type of guy you are going for do you always go for the super hot type? Super hot people of both genders are more likely to have a poor attitude. Where are you meeting guys? The places a girl goes to meet guys matters a lot l, the same thing applies for where a guy goes to meet women.

    • Most of the guys are average looking , The guys are many at my college , some in public places like a coffee shop
      I know that not everyone is the same , it's just I want too know who's not after only sex

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    • so i'll have to settle for a long series of trial and error :(

    • Yeah unfortunately that is what dating is like. I know what it is like though I have my fair share of bad treatment, not fair when I am a good person but that is dating for you. I hope we both find our ideal partners soon.

  • You can't. However, if you are never willing to try you might as well give up now.

    Probably because you instinctively look and smile at the people that you find attractive and confident and their confidence stems mostly from not caring about how they're perceived by others, aka jerks.

    • I am willing to try , I just need to know what signs to look for and keep my eyes widely open.
      So I need points of view from people other than me.

  • You can somewhat get to know them and then predict their genuinity or not. Any act falls apart over time.

    • That's what I'm trying to do , it's just that so many fall

  • Sadly, thats how you get experience. you have to wade through the bad to get to the good. what you are thinking now is just naivety. and you WILL get hurt.
    you want a trustworthy guy, look at all the guys around you and pick the one that you feel will never have a chance with you. go up to him and ask him out. watch the magic happen. if you want an explanation.. ask.

    • That's what scares me , I can never let my guard down even if I want too
      How can I approach a guy?
      I've never asked a guy out :/

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    • Thank you very much

    • seems like wes the guru said the same thing... except in more detail. lol.. im more to the point. i don't like long details.

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  • I know how you feel, your feelings are important and you don't want to get hurt by some guy.. I suggest you should never trust a man... well maybe a little.. But don't give all your trust to that guy.. Because who knows that guy isn't the one for you.. And trust me you're gonna regret it for trusting him.. Probably you're just thinking I'm not a risk taker or a person who's having trust issues because you're right... I am that person.. But it doesn't mean that I'm a coward and weak.. It means that I'm smart enough not to fall for the old traps and you should too... Instead of taking the risk and ended up falling hard, avoid it.. So what I'm saying is don't be too trusting and you should get to know him first before you lose all your trust on him...

    • I can keep on doing this but I know there are good guys out there I just want to know who it is so I can give him a chance.
      I can't stand getting hurt and I'm so full of pride and I basically show no feelings
      It's just that recently I got to know a guy and just when I forced myself to trust him and give him a chance , but he hurt me and I feel a little stupid and can't trust my judgement :/
      so yeah I don't blame you.

  • Honesty, not all guys are like that. Why you attract so many that are could be anything from how hot you are, how you dress, or if you are flirty. To see if a guy is sincere you just have to keep him waiting really. If a guy wants to go out with you just for sex he won't stick around too long when he realizes you won't just give it up. :) I hope that was at least slightly helpful! :D

    • Thank you , It was very helpful :*

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