He was logged in on his Facebook on my computer. What would you have done?

I usually only use Facebook on my phone but I was about to write to my friend to tell her that my phone is dead and the charger doesn't work, but I'll call her as soon as I've bought a new one.
As I had typed Facebook in to the browser I saw that the guy I'm dating had forgotten to log out. I just sat there for a while staring at the site. I was a bit tempted, I admit. He had told me that he talked about me with his friends and I was curious as what they had said. Then I mentally slapped myself, said "Pull yourself together woman!" and closed the window. I realised I didn't want to be THAT person. I'm big on trust and honesty and I don't want to invade his privacy. And maybe I don't want to know everything either. Still, there's a teeny, tiny part of me that's still a bit curious, but I won't do it.

My question is; what would you have done in this situation? Have you been and did you peek?


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  • You did good. Nothing good could have come from digging around in his affairs - best case scenario he'd feel violated/betrayed.

    • That's what I thought :) Should I tell him he forgot to log out or would that just make the guy paranoid haha?

    • Either way. Its probably enough to have acted rightly - that way no one gets hurt and you can forget about it =) No sense in overthinking it.

    • That's true, thanks a lot! :)

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  • You defo did the right thing! Privacy has to be respected and I think anyone who does go through phones or Facebook of partner there is a lack of trust so it can only cause more problems in the future!

    • Thanks! :) Yeah, the relationship is already spiraling if you don't trust your partner enough for them to have their private things private.

  • I would of logged out but when i date girl i have nothing to hide
    so if i was logged on and she looked on my Facebook account
    it wouldn't matter to me.

    • That's great and how it should be :) I think you should trust your partner enough not to have to peek though, it goes both ways I guess :)

    • Yes i do agree with you :-)

  • Ex left me and I still knew her Facebook Password, thought about hacking it and seeing what was really going on. Well found out she left me for another dude, but I decided not to hack the account. I think you did a commendable thing.

    • Thanks, so did you :)

  • I would log out.


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