How can I live like the single lady that I am? What did you do when you were back to being single?

I'm almost 30 and was married a couple years ago.

I still live like I'm married, as in, I go to bed early, if it's lousy weather or cold or if someplace is hard to find parking then I won't even bother going out. Maybe that's not what living like you're married, but I describe it that way.

I never have had trouble attracting guys, ever. I have no guys phone numbers, I'm never in a situation to get them. I am always tired come Friday night after work and don't go out. Them Saturday is the same sleep schedule and I am tired early on a Saturday as well.

I'm never going to get out there and meet people. What can I do to adjust my lifestyle? I don't know where to begin.

I joined meetup. com and go to meetings but so far just a few. It is going well. Today is LOUSY out and I'm forcing myself to go, even though I don't know the area this place is in and won't really know anyone aside from past meet ups.

Normally I'd cancel but I'm going to go!

Otherwise, what can I do? I know the answer is simple but for some reason it's hard. I don't know how to change my sleep pattern because of the work week, I don't know why if any effort in either staying warm or finding parking would keep me from going places. Going places with people means being stuck out with them, but going alone can be greatly intimidating.

If anyone can describe how they got back out there, I'd appreciate it.

Anyone have advice for me?


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  • you never had trouble attracting guys?

    • Why are you asking this?

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    • Being so set in my ways I don't get out enough for anything to have a chance to flourish

    • Do you sleep early?

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  • If you have a regular job you have the weekends of just like the rest of the guys you want to attract, if i were you id join an online group with people of similar interests. If you are boring, well than that's that. I don't know you so I obviously I can't say. You can go out with some friends of yours, hitting the club or a bar and find someone there.

  • enjoy being single!!! you realized the mistake you made and you're free now!!! :-)

  • So you were married, now divorced?

    What's your Personality type and job?

    • I'm a bit of a homebody but it's changing, I work a standard 9-5 office job

    • So sounds like an introvert with an office job. What's your job function?

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