Making out with someone else whilst you are dating someone else, have you done it?

So basically picture a situation (or similiar) like this: You are dating a girl/boy and you have been on a couple of dates. You go out with friends to a club and you have the chance to make out with a pretty girl/boy, would you do it?

I'm asking because I'm dating a girl that made out with a guy yesterday, at least she was honest enough to tell me.. I remembered that I did it one time too. Whilst I was on vacation with friends I made out with a girl whilst I had already agreed to go on a date with another girl, I told her though and she wasn't happy but we went on the date and a few weeks later she was my (now ex) GF.

Would you do it? Would you mind if the one you were dating did it?


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  • If you aren't exclusive there is actually nothing wrong with it.

    Having said that, if I really liked the girl I was dating, I probably wouldn't go for it, why would I need or want to?

    If I was still unsure about how much I liked her, then I'd definitely go for it.


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  • If a guy I was dating made out with another girl it would pretty much be over. If I can't even trust you to keep your hands to yourself at this stage when everything is still new... how will I ever trust you when things are a few months in and less exciting?

    I would never make out with someone else while dating someone.

  • If he did it to me I would go get the first cute guy I see and make out with him right in front of his face. Js

  • Dating doesn't necessarily mean "exclusive." So unless you and the girl you're dating both agreed that you would be dating each other exclusively, then I don't see why it would be wrong for you to make out with another girl.

    • Yeah I'm not sure how to feel about it, I don't know who yet but I do have a feeling it's with a guy I deffinetly not like.. that would suck though but I feel you, we aren't official so I can't blame her.. we've made no agreements or something so I guess it's fine.

    • If you want to be official, talk to her.

    • Well we haven't been dating for that long. We talked yesterday and she said she was really sorry.. and surprised that I wasn't mad. I told her that we weren't official so technically she didn't do anything wrong although I'm not really happy with it either. She said she understood and that is a thing that can never happen again. We had a wonderful evening though :)

  • if my boyfriend made out with somebody else i would leave his ass straight away. you both clearly didn't love each other. sexual/flirtatious behaviour should be for your partner only. it baffles me that people in relationships would even want to do that when their with somebody else.. people don't know how to be in relationships these days

    • Please read.. we weren't in a relationship.. nothing was official

    • oh sorry my mistake! urm nah thats ok then haha. Well actually if you both had said to each other that its still gonna be ok to make out with other people before either of you had done it and when your relationship thing whatever it was started then yeah id say its fine if you both had agreed to it

    • Hm we didn't really agree anything, but I can tell she knows she made a mistake and at least she is fair to me that is nice.

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  • Yes, when I was 16, with an older girl who was just playing with me. Spontaneity, so wonderful!

    • Did she know, if yes how did she react? Would you mind if someone did that to you?

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    • Ah okay, thanks for sharing this :)

    • Nothing wrong with being spontaneous, people take the dating ritual too seriously most of the time!