Why is my friends with benefits jealous? Marking territory?

Before my FBW said he doesn't want relationship and everything is fine between us unless I require it. He meant it. I got this.
We are quite close friends now, so we're not a "booty call".
I went on a date with another guy. Later, I mentioned this to my FWB. He got mad. This is what he said:
- It's not fair concerning him and the guy
- I don't need him if I'm searching for relationship
- He said the guy probably told lots of people it was not only a date, but it ended with sex (which is not true)
- That now I shouldn't give any give any hints to people me and friends with benefits can be more than friends (which I never did)
Before this conversation we got quite personal. He asked what I think about him, what I think he thinks of himself, what I think what kind of girls he likes, etc. We never went that far in conversations before.


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  • It is the last stage of TBW.. 99% of people come to this stage, he started growing feelings for you (understandable) and he doesn't want to see you with other guyz.


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  • friends with benefits is a recipe for disaster/drama/heartbreak.

    If you're gonna give your body to someone, make it someone that really matters to you.

    friends with benefits will always end badly.


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  • he wants control. if your in a real relationship you get to make "demands" if not, he sees it as you're not allowed to complain about anything.