Did I do the right thing when he canceled our second date?

I met a guy and we went out last weekend. Anyway that weekend we went out he wrecked his car (literally i was in the car air bags came out and all) and asked if he could use my spare car. i was hesitant but said ok. We kept in touch via text throughout the week and also made plans for this Saturday and we both would text anticipatin about seeing each other again. Long story short, Saturday came and he said he had to go out of town for his cousins babyshower (his mom was giving him an hard time apparently). So i told him to piss off and bring my car back. Then he started blowing me up via text and call telling me he really likes me and didn't mean for this to happen. I still stood firm and told him regardless i wanted my car back cuz i didn't trust him. He told me he would bring it back Monday when he returns from out of town. Did i do the right thing? I mean i felt like he was jus using me for my car and the day of our date his friends (or maybe even another girl) invited him somewhere and he rolled with it canceling on me. Did i do the right thing? He was upset at the end and apologized via text after we hung up but i feel he is jus running game so i will still lend him my car. Any advice?


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  • Forget him; sounds like a loser. Definitely don't lend you car to someone you just met - you've got to make your expectations clear and stand firm, or else no one will ever meet them.


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  • I don't think it was a good idea to lend your car to some guy you just met. There hasn't been enough time to REALLY get to know and trust him. Now you're paranoid about his intentions. I don't think there's any way to know whats real. It's a big coincidence that he suddenly had plans the day of. and whether he was getting a hard time or not, y'all made plans a week in advance and it was rude to cancel. Anyway, I'd get the car back from him and try to end on decent terms.

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