Just found out bf has a double life and another gf?

Um, yes. That is correct. I've been with my bf for 4 months. And I just found out that he's been dating another girl all along. I won't get into the actual details but when I confronted him (flipping out naturally) he admitted that he was with this girl 2 months before meeting me. He loves her but he never expected meeting me and then falling in love with me as well. WTF.

He would tell me all the time that he loves me so I was incredibly blind sided by this. I told him to never speak to me again but he keeps trying to get me back. All the while still dating this other girl!!! What is wrong with him? If he truly loved me like he said he did, wouldn't he break it off with her and be with me? I don't think I could even take him back after all this honestly. Lying to two girls about each other is no way to have a successful relationship with either one.

Have you ever found out that you were the "other girl"? What did you do?


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  • Don't take him back, girl. Don't even think about it. Bottom line is that you can't trust him anymore. He cheated on you and played this other woman. If u even think about taking him back, think of what he did to her. Nothing would stop him from doing the same thing to you. You don't want that.


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  • I found out last year I was the other guy. ;)
    We meat started hanging out and then one thing lead to another and we got together. Then after it was too late she broke it off saying she can't and blah blah it lasted a week and we hung out and again. Well we were cooked and it lasted 7 months she was cheating with me and then she fell in love with me (who am I kidding so did I). She wanted to leave him but told him and dumped me and after a couple of months being the best fake couple she came back asking for forgiveness and that she wanted to break up with him and give us a chance. She did for about two weeks then got crazy again and ran back to him. Well we had a huge fight and no contact since. Except a couple of times running into each other and now I learned he dumped her and she's acting weird trying to contact me again. Sending me friend requests on FB and then taking them back.
    It's weird but I'm guessing this kind of behavior is a result of some deep problems these people have in their minds and I think the only one who can help are people who have experiences dealing with this kind of stuff like therapists or something.
    I know I'm crazy but I'd still want to be with her but it's up to you to decide how much the whole relationship was worth to you and how you felt when you were with this person.

    • Oh wow I can totally relate to your story. I fell in love with him too and ever since learning about all this it's been a very push and pull kind of relationship. We aren't together anymore but I would love to see if we could ever work out if the third person wasn't involved. But then again knowing he could two time us both, I don't think I could ever ever trust him and without trust a relationship doesn't work. I think a lot of it stems from an attachment issue maybe. Like they are afraid of being a long or something.

    • Yeah the problem is that they aren't afraid of being alone their afraid of doing what they want and what other people will say they want and then they do stupid stuff because of it.
      I keep wondering too if we'd work and I think she misses me because she sent me a friend request and then canceled it and keeps checking my fb profile. But all these things are just stupid.

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  • Huge dick. Dump him. You can never trust him. And he doesn't care about you. Don't waste another second on him.

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