What should I think, when a girl says '' we need to talk'' after she ignored me for 3 days, and wrote something hatefull today... read details?

so we had unprotected sex 4 times, and only after we had the sex she told me she wasn't on the pill anymore... i thought she still was, so that was 3 weeks ago, around the time we had sex, she said, she felt pain around her ovary ( some women feel when they ovulate ). This week was the week she should be getting her period, but she has bin ignoring my texts for the past 3-4 days, today she texted me, a weird and hatefull comment, i didn't reply, then now she texts me, we need to talk. well what could it mean when she says we need to talk, it could be anything but could it be she is pregnant... we aren't bf/gf

so what could it mean, i can't give the full story , since its to much writing, we basically dated before,


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  • Ok well I always think it's up to you to take responsibility for your own sexual health, so regardless of what you thought, you should have been certain that you were protected not just from pregnancy but also STDs! As for it means if she wants to talk... it means she wants to talk... and only she knows what she wants to talk about. Although what she said may have been hateful, maybe she's just feeling a bit vulnerable and I would ask her to meet for coffee or something to try and clear the bad feeling. Hope this helps!

    • i dont blame it on her, its on the both of us no matter what outcome but i do want the child, if she is pregnant ( from me ) . The child isn't the one to blame and at least i could be a father, but i know that is ignorant since we didn't plan on this or she did all along , i dont know, she is a closed book. well if she is pregnant from me, and we both agree to keep it, i rather have her telling it me now, so i can save some money and maybe get 2 jobs, i guess i have to wait but i can't imagine what else she wants to talk to me about, since she told me to get lost last tuesday, when i tried to kiss her, she turned her head away, and she ignored me for several days, and now she wants to talk, and is all friendly...

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  • She might have something against you - or be upset with you about something. If she was pregnant - I think she would take care of it by getting the pill since she doesn't seem to like you as a partner that much but she could also be avoiding you so that you can't stop her getting pregnant with your baby if that is her intention.

    • well i dont know why, and she told me to get lost in nice words, tuesday, she has been ignoring me ever since, there was no reason for her to write me a hatefull text, since all i ever was to her, nice, to nice concerning others. the morning after pill, i dont think she got it, i dont want to stop her getting pregnant from me, i want to be a father, but if she is pregnant from me, she better tells me soon enough, if we both agree on having it ( if she is pregnant ) i could save some money, and get an extra job... but then i need to know... i can't imagine what it is she wants to talk about since, well, she told me to bugger off , and did a great job at ignoring me since today, i decided not to write her anymore for some time. now her writing something hatefull out of the blue, and then telling me we need to talk, and sounds more friendly in her texts...

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  • I don't really understand why people ask questions like this on here...

    Literally the only thing we know about you and her is your unprotected sexual history, so obviously all we can come to understand is that she is probably pregnant. We can come to literally no other conclusion from the information you have given us.

    • well because all other information is irrelevant, since she told me to get lost in kind words, so i wrote her 3 days, just 1 text and she was ignoring me, now today i dont write her a damn thing, didn't plan on writing her at all actually, and now she writes me something hatefull and now she wants to talk, and she is all friendly again. i could write a book about her and me, i dont know what she wants from me, we aren't a couple, i want to be, and the kind of relationship we have is based on her hating to love me, and loving to hate me. so some back ground info, we were dating in July, then she went away 18 days, her playing the hot and cold game with me, then found she has a long distance relationshio, she cheated with me on that guy, i get the clear feeling she isn't in love with him, then we had sex, then she told me to get lost once, changed her mind, now she told me again to get lost and ignored me for several days, this week should be her period, now she wants to talk...

    • You see, was that so hard? Did you really not think the whole part about the long distance relationship and cheating was important?

      Ok so most likely she's pregnant, but if that's not what she is trying to talk about, she most likely wants to set things straight about you and her long distance guy.

    • well i think she already made that clear to me, she told me to get lost pretty much and ignored me, she turned her head away last time when i tried to kiss her goodnight, so that was enough for me, the day i decided not to write her anymore, she starts writing again... jesus why can't people just be sincere, i am, i dont mind speaking out my heart, and trust me she has no problem with being straight forward or telling me to get lost, she did it more then once, she blocked me more then once from social media... well i guess gotta wait few days, thanks anyway

  • Ask her, seriously. Best thing you're gonna get here is wild speculation.

    • umm she told me she is tired, we talk a different time, so it means its important but isn't something to be hasty about, ummmm, i can't imagine what she wants to talk to me about, since she told me its better we dont see each other again ( since she has a long distance relationship with someone she doesn't really love )

  • Why the fuck do u leave out the shit that matters from us to answer? Is it cause you a ready know the answer? Probably.

    • because i can write a frigging book about it, read at westheguru, its all i have to say, if i write to long posts people get bored, and if i try a short version everyone is all jumpy, im just asking your opinion , but well it doesn't even matter, since she is the only one who knows what she wants to talk about,

    • Yah good point but girls don't act crazy put of nowhere. Men do shit to pissed them off.