How to. Help please?

How to get a girl friend ,. In my country having a girl friend is not allowed so... the only way to have a beautiful girlfriend is through the Internet from other countries so,,,, any one interested? iam 17 years old
Handball player 》 》 》 I like biology but iam not boring .
Don't want to be mean but I like the girl who have a nice personality , body and smile..
And I promise I will make her every thing


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  • I think online relationships are pointless. It's not like you can actually be together if you've never seen each other in real life. And what's a good body for if you can't even touch it. If you're so desperate to get a girlfriend, I suggest you move somewhere else when you're 18.


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  • ... until someone finds out lol. its interesting you like biology though. I know a few countries that don't allow PDA but none that doesn't allow a girlfriend... where are you from my friend.
    Oh i forgot to mention, this won't get you anywhere... you don't advertise on the internet for a gf, you go out and get one.

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