GUYS HELP!! I really want to know if what I did made him like not into me, I tend to do that with guys that I like :(?

So I met this guy last Saturday night at a party in the least flirt or romantic way possible. We started talking because I asked his friend for a lighter. So we exchanged numbers, that same night he started talking to me via whatsapp and he asked me out for coffee on Tuesday. I went, we had a great time. Then I texted that I had fun and we should do it again, and he said that that would be awesome. We continued talking all week he sent morning texts and he always initiated the conversations. Friday night he told me he was going to a party and I was going to one too and that Saturday night we were going to say home and sleep. Then Saturday afternoon I wanted to go out with him, super casual to the movies or something like that but I wanted to go with him. Then this was the conversation:
Me: "Oh I want to go to the movies tonight but I think there are no good movies playing, I will stay home and watch Netflix."
He: "There are good movies, The Judge, Annabelle, an action one, and a mexican one. You should go. I'm going to a party with some friends"
Me: "Okay I will go then to the movies!"
Then like an hour later he said
"Guess my costume!! see snapchat"
He was wearing a pink wig.

Then this morning I texted him asking him about the party, and he told me it was boring and stuff, then I texted him if he had a better night sleep and he hasn't answered me, nor made any kind of effort tying to start the conversation this morning.
This is the first time I have to deal with this since I had never had a bf or anything of that sort of thing...
Do you think I scared him off by trying to go to the movies with him?


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  • He might be busy or probably just wants a break from texting it happens doesn't mean you did something wrong.


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  • Honestly your either over thinking it, he has a lot of girls, or your not really priority. If a guy likes you, he will try


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