Should I ask him if he wants to go together?

I've met this guy at work, we're from different companies but are doing a project together.

We meet outside the office and I even went to this place, but always work related, although we talk personal stuff as well and he even asked me if I'm single.

I'm totally head over heels about him and I can see he's attracted to me too. He's Pisces and is quite shy.

Last week he asked me if I was going to a local music concert taking place this week and I told him that I didn't know about the concert and that I never went to that venue. And then he said he might go. I sensed he wanted to ask me if I want to go with him, but just didn't.

I'm shy too and I don't have the courage to ask it to his face, so I was thinking in sending him a text message this Tuesday (the concert is on Wednesday) saying that I've decided to go too and if he wants for us to go together?

I guess I have to make some move and show him my interest, but I'm just frightened to the bone in doing this!

Any advice?


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  • You can take me :-)


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