Going on dates first in high school?

So I'm in high school and would girls like it if I thought a girl was cute or I'm attracted to them and I asked them for their number then later texted them to go on a date? Is that weird or coming on too strong?


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  • Are you friends with them?

    • Well this was just a general example but what if I didn't know them or what if I've talked to them a few times

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    • When we are actually in that scenario we will probably think otherwise. We say things we don't mean too, just not as much as guys.

    • Oh and probably cause they're desperate? I mean personally I would find it creepy but I know lots of girls who can't get guys say "that's so cute I wish that would happen to me". Just depends what kind of girl she is.

  • Go for it, they will feel flattered


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