GIRLS There r certain things I don't like about girls? is this the reason that I m single now?

I don't like to work under a girl. I don't like how bossy girls will be if they r senior to me in position. My ego gets hurt to work under a woman. I don't like them being dominant, be in sex or profession. women tend to be more bossier than men if they r in good position. I don't like girls fucking around with lots of guys. I become very jealous when I see girls hanging around with other guys. if a girl likes me I like her back n start loving her but if she talks n smiles to other guys but ignores me I get pissed off n start hating her n start talking shit about her. is r these the reason that I m single now despite trying my best to get a gf?


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  • These won't necessarily be the reason you haven't got a girlfriend. Maybe the right person hasn't come along. Maybe you need to work on something. (We all do, but I mean specifically.) You sort of seem to have a lot of anger towards small things... It's fine to be jealous though, it's only healthy to a certain degree. You don't want to be overboard. But I don't think those reasons would be why you haven't got a girlfriend.

    Also make sure you don't just settle for any girl just because you aren't having luck at the moment. It's never a good option to settle.


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  • Jealously is a huge deal breaker and your lack of confidence. Why would someone want to Date someone who will talk about them if they don't meet your standards. To be honest you sound like a prick and that's why you are single.

  • This is most likely is probably the reason you're single. To be honest, you sound very insecure and that is not a trait that girls like. At all. You don't respect women in positions superior to you? you talk shit about a girl all because she smiles at another guy? You feel as if women are bossier when in a good position? This sounds very misogynistic. You probably don't deserve a girlfriend if you can't learn how to respect women.

    • yes I feel women r bossier than a man in the same position. I respect women in positions superior to me but I feel they r trying to prove that even women can be a boss n can control men. I don't talk all shit about a girl who smiles n talk to other guys but I just dislike n ignore them n never do any favour to them, remove them from my friend list, don't even like to say hi or even give a smile when we pass by.

    • Unless you've both made it clear that you want to be in a relationship with eachother or you've made it clear that you both like one another why would you let them talking to other guys as friends or in a flirty way make you dislike them?

    • coz i want all the girls to talk to me only when i m there. i want to be the attention and their talk. i m jealous to see a girl talking in a flirty way with other guys. i want to be the hero, not a zero.

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  • Hmm, maybe but like i have said in the past. You may not have found the right one. But You may have a negative view on women. maybe you have been around or affected by one enough that your view is skewed. I believe that if you just learn to lighten up you could enjoy the company of one out there. As a boss is concerned if you can't work for a women, then work in an environment without them. But it is very likely that your displeasure for some women is affecting your all around relationship's with them. If you are right about your female boss and she is a nag then find a new job, shit i wouldn't want a boss who's always negative.

    • I m not talking about a particular woman. I m talking in general. I have lots of senior women where I work. those women seem to be very bossy towards men, not only me but with every one, on the other hand they r very polite towards women of junior positions. it's like they r reminding constantly that even a woman can be a boss, senior (in position), dominant n can order men.

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    • but there r women in superior positions every where. my ego gets hurt to work under a woman.

    • Do you really feel that and are sure that the women above you are treating you unfairly because of you being a man. Then as a boss of a lot of employees here is my suggestion. When you walk in smile, act friendly, work hard and efficient prove your worth as being undeniable. Ask for more responsibility even if it doesn't include more pay. Gain knowledge of your industry. When they think you are a faithful worker and they rely on you. Turn around at a critical point and take your abilities somewhere else. besides actually proving your discrimination as a male you can hurt them.

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