How Do I Tell My CoWorker I'm Really Into Her?

She has a boyfriend that I know little about; they're not engaged. I am looking for a way to let her know I'm really interested in knowing her more.

Basically, we flirt/banter all day here and there at work - eat lunch together - confide in each other - but I don't feel friend zoned or anything. She never talks about the boyfriend around me. We have incredible chemistry, and I think about her all the time, but I don't want to tank this thing early by going about it the wrong way.

We ate dinner once after work recently and had a great time, talking and laughing about stuff. She gave me this look the other night, when we walked out to the parking lot together, like she wanted more - and I just didn't catch it in time.

I was thinking about letting her know the following, in some kind of clever way (maybe with cookies - she loves cookies ;)):

- she's what I look forward to every day when I'm headed to work. She's the highlight of my day.
- I feel like we've got a real connection, the kind that doesn't often happen, and I want to see if it's mutual.
- that I want more of her in my life.



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  • *Turns lights down low, crowd begins a slow snap*

    Hey darlin', I really dig you. You know that?,
    And you make my soul quiver like an arrow through the trees,
    Robbin' Hood come to steal my heart,
    My knees, Weak,
    Let my soul be more than just the bottom of a fine shoe,
    Let it be with you,
    Let our love...
    Be true

    • haha damn son! this could be arranged. perhaps while wearing my batman Halloween costume? We have a pretty low-lit classroom at work... would just have to get her to stay late under some premise.

      We even have speakers for a soundtrack.

      However, if rejected, man could that be brutal.

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    • God bless you, sir. I needed this reminder. Thanks again.

    • No need to thank me, son. I'm just your inner thoughts speaking into the keyboard so you can realize your own potential. You got this.

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  • Good idea 💡 charm her. Give her the cookies 🍪 and ask her on a date... tell her I can feed you more if you go on a date with me, you pick it... If that dnt get her attention ill be surprised, she might not be interested.

    • Even if she has a boyfriend already - you think she'd say yes? Would you, in similar circumstances? I have no intention of being anyone's side dish. =/

    • If she have a boyfriend dnt do it, just will be drums...

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  • Maybe ask about her relationship? Try not to be too personal but maybe try to do it as casual as possible. See if their relationship is healthy or not. Maybe she sends you signals because her relationship isn't that great and she's looking for someone better.

    • I've read that's the kinda thing you don't want to address. Basically, I want her focused on me and her - not me vs him. I figure I can gauge from her actions whether or not their deal is solid. She has no ring, and that's enough for me to want to act.

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    • Well from what I can tell if she is really into you maybe her relationship isn't that good with her current boyfriend and maybe she just wants something better aka you. Good luck though :)

    • Thank you; god bless.