Do you think there's any chance he could have feelings for me again?

I love this idea, but the reality is that I'm not holding my breath. It would just be so cute, and I'm curious if anyone has had this happen.

I ran into an old college friend when I was visiting my hometown as I moved away like 8 years ago.

He was in love with me back then.. But I was in and out of a relationship. So nothing came of it.

Now he's dating someone and it has been all this time. He has only just begun getting kinda serious with her, and he was so diligent in keeping in touch with me (but totally platonic, no flirting). I keep my distance as he is seeing someone, but he has done everything he can to keep in touch with me. Well for one thing, I hope that is ok for a guy to do if he's seeing someone.

I just think it would be cute, if down the road, if we were both single if a guy would ever revisit having feelings for someone he was actually in love with? Yes he told me this back then 8 years ago.

I totally have rekindled feelings and stronger ones. Just wondering if anyone has also felt this way?
I'm surprised I do. If I had to guess, I'd imagine not. But lo and behold...

Oh and by doing everything he can, he's just always made time to do a video call (only a couple times, really no need to again any time soon) and joined me on a networking site. Also always kept the ball rolling in texts. But I leave him be, I know I could easily start a new convo but I just let it be since he's seeing someone.


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  • I think at least he'd be interested in giving you a try, were he ever to become single.


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  • That's respectable and very mature of you to act the way you are--keeping things casual since he has a gf. I also have a guy that it seems like no one else had made me feel how he did, and even though we don't talk now, maybe we would somewhere down the line. Nothing's wrong with being optimistic. And who knows, depending on how things work out with them, that time can come sooner than you think :)