Why guys never answer you after a date. Wtf?

So, i met this guy through Tinder. We started chatting for couple days for day and night and decided to meet up. We went to have a drink somewhere and ended up there for about 5 hours just chatting and laughing. He seemed Very interested because as the time went By he started sitting closer and closer next to me. The days after he also msged me and then he stopped.. i txted him and he said he has exams.. so i wished him gl and understood I should leave him alone.. but now days passed By and he finds time to go on tinder but not txting me. Is he not interested? I wonder why guys act like this..

I txted him Friday asked how his exams went he said he has one more left monday.. And that he couldnt wait for it to be over cus he feels like a caveman... so i assume if he doesn't text me next week, that he is just not interested..


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  • I'd wait until about three days after his exams are done. Exams are living hell and I don't think it would be unreasonable to say he might not act himself during exam week. Just text him in a few days and see how he feels about another date. Then you'll have your answer.

    • I suppose u were right. His last exam is on Thursday. I told him to keep his Friday evening off so we could meet. he said he couldn't cus he will be gone for a weekend with his friends abroad, but he told me he has enough time when he is back. Lets see if he will text me for a second date!

    • Yay! :D

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  • I don't wanna worry you, but you said he got in Tinder but not messaged you... maybe he met another girl?
    I don't know why he didn't messaged you anymore, but got the time to go on Tinder; the only explanation I have is that he met another girl :s

  • doesn't want to seem desperate. Text him to see if he wants to go out again, if he declines well that will be your answer. good luck

  • It sounds to me like he just isn't interested for whatever reason.

  • He just isn't that into you and might have bigger fish to fry.


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