Is he shy or not interested? Should I move on?

So I met this guy online. He seems nice and with both of his feet on the ground. He is white and im latina. We had a good time and great conversation on our first date. There no physical contact like holding hands or anything like that. he opend his arms wide open to ask for a hug at the end of the date. We went skating and I paid for my own ticket because he did not offer. He said he was ok with paying for dinner.

He texted me right away to say he had a good time and that he wanted us to hangout again soon.

The following weekend he had to go to his hometown.

So it wasn't until I asked him if he would be busy the next weekend that he asked me to hang out again.

On the second date I paid for my own meal and zoo ticket.

He never tried to hold my hand or kiss me. At the end we hugged like twice and it fell warmer than the first time.

During the week we never talk or text. He doesn't call me any compliments. But he asks me a lot of questions when we hangout. I know he is well off, but he has mentioned he wants someone who is capable of taking care of herself

What should I do?


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  • As long as he keeps going on dates and talking to you regularly, I think things are going swimmingly. He actually sounds like a very respectable man.

    I think splitting costs half and half unless someone insists on paying for all of it is fairly normal too. Some guys like to treat their dates, and that's fine, and other guys may not want to seem 'oppressive' or treat a girl like she can't take care of herself, which is also good. But it shouldn't be expected that a guy or girl will cover all of the bill.

  • It sounds like the relationship is progressing fine to me


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