What should I do? I have only seen this guy once and I really wanna talk to him?

So about a week ago, I was doing a volunteer activity with a group of people, and there was this guy in the group that I felt specifically attracted to. It wasn't really a sexual attraction, because I felt the attraction before I even looked at him dead on, but more like some kind of connection I felt towards him. I felt as if I absolutely needed to be close to him, kept leaning toward him, and even brushed something off of his hand! I was shocked as HELL at that feeling, and since there was a live band playing in that same room, I wasn't really able to talk to him. About an hour into the volunteer work, he left and I felt really weird as when he left- it's hard to explain what I felt though. All through the rest of the hour I had left, I kept thinking about that guy. Even when I was done with the volunteer work, I kept thinking about him, and even now I still think of him. Somehow (it's too much to type out) I found the guy's name and found him on Facebook and Instagram and told my friends all about him. One of the friends I told about him sent him a DM from my Instagram account to his, but the guy never read the message! So, now I just keep thinking about him and I'm contemplating whether or not I should add him on Facebook and message him on there. Please help, yall.

I meant to update on this a while ago, but the guy finally read the DM my friend sent him on Instagram and he never replied. Thanks y'all for your advice though.


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  • Well... I think you maybe missed your chance when you were at the volunteer group. If I were him, and I got a message from a girl I'd never talked to and might not even remember... well I would be very hesitant to engage in conversation with her.

    I am all for girls chasing guys, but this is cutting it close to Facebook stalking lol. If both of you volunteer regularly, try to see if you can organize it so you are at another event with him and then you can get to know him. Still kind of creepy, but he'll never know haha.

    But messaging him on Facebook out of the blue, I wouldn't advise that no.


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    I am a girl, and I've asked out two guys (not at the same time, obviously). I was terrified as HELL, but am glad I did it because if you don't let a guy know you're interested, how will he know? You're a modern woman, I'm a modern woman, all women should be. We don't have to wait around for a guy to sweep us off our feet. It's okay to say, "Hey, My name is ______. I exist. Wanna get some coffee? I'd like to get to know you!" :)

    Just remember that women are still stigmatized when taking the initiative in dating matters, so take it slow and easy. Don't be aggressive or anything. Just be yourself and act naturally and normally. :) You don't even have to ask him out the first time you talk to him. Say, "Hey" or "hi," whichever you feel more comfortable with and try to being a conversation.

    Good luck!