Gave him my number, but didn't get his? Party bus with friends and friends of friends?

There was this guy who sat down next to me when we first got on, but I didn't say anything to him because I was talking to someone else. His friend made a comment he was single. A few drinks in and a couple small town bars, where they didn't ID us in, he asked me to dance and introduced himself. So we danced for a while, he jokingly called it "high school dancing" because of the music that was playing, we had a good time and then he bought me a drink. Back on the bus he sat across from and we kinda talked a bit, he told me where he was from and a little about himself. I went over and talked to a few other people and then started dancing with a couple friends and we kept making eye contact or I'd catch him looking at me or he would catch me looking at him. We finally ended up by each other after my friend made me switch places with him so I could be near him. I think people noticed there was something between us. So we were both pretty drunk, but spent the rest of the time on the bus dancing i. e. grinding kinda all over the place touchy feely dancing going on. I remember a couple times, his friends said something about him and I and encouraged us. I just like there was something there and we hit it off instantly. Anyways, right before the bus stopped to drop all the 21+ people got off the bus to go to the bars/clubs in our city, we almost kissed. It was that hesitant I don't know if I should do this yet type thing. Then the music stopped and he was gonna go to the bars with everyone else who was of age, but first he went to grab his phone so I could give his my number. So I did that, and a lot of people got off. I didn't get his number and he hasn't texted me yet. Did he not think we hit it off as well as I or is he playing the waiting game? My friend talked to his best friend today & he was glad he got my number and that we hit it off and that he's super nice and a good guy. It's only been one day, but I keep thinking about him wishing he'd text me.


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  • Well, unless you wanna be a stalker and track him down, you'll have to wait. Hopefully he's just playing the waiting game.

    Of course, you could tell him that it's about time when he does get ahold of you, and ask him if he didn't have a good time. And then say, are you a rules guy / game-player?


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