What do you think about German guys?

Are they shy? Aggressive? Hot? What?


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  • I think there are millions of German guys, their characters vary just like from any country. Some will be shy, some aggressive, girls will think some are hot. You really cannot say all German guys are one thing because they are not. I know a German guy and is personality is awesome, he gets on with anyone he talks to including other nationalities, both men and women and anyone.


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  • As long as they keep building Audis I don't care what they are.

  • not every german guy is the same but generally they tend to be more blonde than other ethnicities


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  • I had a German exchange student at my school for a year, he was gorgeous, beautiful and such a charmer. Kinda changed my views on Germans. Plus he accepted me on Facebook whoop whoop haha

    • haha good for you. I actually have a german friend and i like him a lot. unfortunately he doesn't have Facebook :/

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    • Yeah I loved it, now I can stalk him xD

    • go for it :) keep me updated like a friend haha

  • My impression is always good soccer players.

  • No manners

    • why? any experience?

    • no manners?
      you are talking about American men..
      german guys are the best when it comes to "how to treat a woman", how to make them happy etc.

      they are kind, thoughtful, direct, protective (in their own way not overdoing it like jealousy of mediterraneans)... plus they are hardworking and able to have some intellectual conversations going on...

      how do i tell all of those things?
      my ex bf of 3 years is german. my current bf is german... and i have tons of german friends.

    • i'm german. @Belnnovative @idontknowwwww
      i like em as friends but as boyfriends? most of them, no.

      they're cheap, they're not very loyal either. at least i'd say the majority. but of course not all of them. there are great guys too.

  • Gorgeous beyond belief!

    • that's what I thought of :) have u dated one?

    • Technically no, though my current boyfriend has German heritage. I saw a lot of German men when I was in Europe... they're just beautiful.

    • oh yes but they're shy aren't they?

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