When is a good time to ask the girl you're dating to be your girlfriend?

So yesterday I've had a third date with this girl, things we both felt a lot more comfortable then the first two dates and we talked and joked alot. We made out a lot and she even let me go further, we held hands and I kissed her on her forehead wich made her blush, it was very cute haha. But when is it the right time to ask her to be my girl because three dates isn't much although I do feel comfortable around her.

With my old girlfriend I asked after like 4 dates, I think it was too early because I had doubts and even though I don't have doubts now I also don't want to scare her off by asking to early


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  • You should do it when it feels right to you. You may have a moment when it just clicks in your head and you think 'wow, this girl is amazing' and you'll just know. Or you may have the opportunity to introduce her to a friend and it may just slip out natural as you introduce her as your girlfriend.
    You could talk to her if you feel that It would be better because some girls may find it cute that your asking her. Overall, you should just do whatever you think would be best based on either pervious experiences or her personality.


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  • Don't just ask her to be your girlfriend because you've on x number of dates, ask her when you know you want her to be your girlfriend. If you want something, go get it. Don't wait till the "time is right".

    • Thanks it's good advice, I'm afraid of asking it too early you know. I mean what if she says no because she thinks it's to early, things would get awkward. But I'll try anyway, for me the time is right so next time I'll see her I'll just ask it :)