Who is Acacia Brinley? I know she's an Internet personality but why is she famous? Why does she get so much hate on social media?

I know I'm asking a couple questions but that's because I've never heard of her :P

There was a post about her on my news feed in instagram/facebook and it was a hate post. I said to my self "who is this girl?" When I checked her personal instagram she was getting so much hate! Why is that happening? What's your opinion about her?

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  • C, and now I will go Google her and find out for myself.


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  • never heard of her


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  • she was abbtumblr girl but then went to instagram. She dated a kinda famous youtuber and her instagram took off. Basically she's popular because she's a skinny pretty girl. She also claims that she's been badly bullied at every school she's gone to and all over the internet so she helps people who are suicidal or depressed