Please help, very confusing guy?

Is there a chance that unexperienced, very shy, not socialised guy would avoid a girl that he likes even she said him straight that likes him? He gives me very confusing signs. We are friends, but all the time he was staring at me when he thought i dont see and was making an effort to talk with me also when i was sayimg something flirty he was feeling amberased. Obviously he was interested. But now when i asked him out he agreed, but all the time makes an excuses not to meet. So just dont know what to think and dont want to annoy him with calls. So is it possible that he afraids to fool himself on a date because of his unexperience?


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  • He could be shy, he could be nervous about it and not want to ruin things between you. Some lads tend to hide how they feel about girls they like because they get just as embarrassed as some of us! It's harder for the boy as well, remember that because society causes then to feel that they have to take control in these types of situations and so he may not know how to deal with it in the right way. All boys are different and so it's hard to determine the cause of his behaviour.
    My advice would be either sit down and talk to him about it or you could just move on and forget it ever happened.


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  • Write him a letter. It's less pressure for him to answer write away, and you might get a better answer