Anybody in a LDR or not with any advise/tip? Thanks?

Anybody in a LDR or not.. with any advise/tip? Thanks


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  • Three years ago, a man from Egypt found me on Fb and we had started a whirlwind romance. After getting to know him better on Skype, I then flew off to the far off land of Cairo where I stayed for 3o days. Things went so well after I came home, I went back over and it was at the Ministry of Justice we tied the knot. I remained and resided there for awhile, learning how to be a Muslim's wife but also learning a lot of things I never anticipated... especially when I ended up coming back to American soil.
    We encountered many ups and downs, Kinggot, and many breakups and makeups to go along with it. I still had this sour ball from my marriage over there and carried it further Online when being with him. I ended up cheating, losing his family and with Me not hopping onboard to go back to him because of all the Middle East Redrick that has gotten worse, we are now talking about a divorce and just moving on...
    It takes two to tango in a LDR and if one or both don't make the concerted effort, time or patience into this sort of relationship, it can go dead in the water. I got tired of always having to be there on cam, looking my best, our time span was different with my own schedule especially and with him being the loyal lad and me being this free bird, things just got worse in Denmark...
    Do some serious soul searching, my friend. Don't start something that you are not quite sure you can ever finish on your end. Make sure you know you can visit, this is important, face to face. Make sure you are willing to do face to face all the time on the Internet for open lines of convo is One of the most important factors in LDR.
    It can and does work for many people. And being married to a man who is half way around the world from me, it was more of an experience than I think anything... however, when you both end up getting hurt because of the unfortunate wall that is Up against you, this will be the deal breaker as to How to continue or If you should.
    Good luck. xx

    • Thank you, sweetie, for allowing me a chance to share my story and share what I am feeling here..:)) xxxoo

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  • Extremely hard and isn't likely to work in long term.. I had one where he worked for a pharmaceutical company was gone a lot but when we were together was absolutely amazing with fun, laughter etc.. After awhile I started to lose feelings because lack of contact.. Wasn't getting what I needed emotionally, mentally, physically, sexually it was 3 months ISh after feeling that way after telling him how I felt with still no change that I decided to break up we were together 9 months...


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  • Yeah. It won't work forever. Your main goal should be to meet ASAP, and then work on being closer.
    And don't put your life on halt. Adjust your secdule to make room for the other, but don't comunicate 24/7. Don't constantly text! Aka don't be too available

    • She's my girlfriend we've met but she was here on Vaca and now she is back home far away

    • You need to meet regularly.
      LDR's are REALLY hard, just saying. you'll constantly miss her. So be carefull

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