Why should I wait for him to tell me?

Why or why not should I wait for him
to say "I love you". We've been dating for almost two months, and I'm absolutely falling for him. And I am fairly certain he feels the same. We say things to each other like "I adore you" or other cute things like that. I can't help how I really feel about him and am dying to just come out and say it. So guys, has a girl told you she loved you first? And did it freak you out? Why should I wait for him to say it?


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  • Some people reserve that for very special people and wait until they're absolutely sure they are the one to say such things, instead of throwing it at every person they end up dating... just saying, it's kind of a big deal. Then again, so is sex and people do the same thing with that.

    Anyways I wouldn't worry that much about who says it first.


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