We aren't "dating" yet... Just a few questions!! Please help!?

So I'm 17 years old and this girl and I have been hanging out and getting lunch and stuff for like a month. 2 nights ago we went to a movie with another (sort of) couple and it went well. Then just me and her headed to her place and cuddled to watch another movie. We had a short kiss goodnight as I left (my first kiss ever, it was awesome haha). We're definitely ready to become "official" boyfriend/girlfriend, but how to I bring it up or ask it?

Another question: we are so comfortable hanging after school and on weekends but it's awkward at school, we both know it's weird at school and we basically live for the weekend. How should we deal with that? And just so you know I've only known her for about a month. I asked her out for lunchlike a day after we met.


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  • She could be waiting for the guy (you) to make the first DTR move to officiate your relationship so go for it and ask her to be your girl friend... she kissed you so she's probably not going to say no haha and try meeting her up after school or a certain quiet spot at lunch because just meeting weekends isn't going to be enough trust me I've known 2 people (myself included) break up with their partners for that reason and you should work on being more comfortable around each other "in public" so you can be easy in any situation with your girl. I think people tend to forget that couples are supposed to be good friends above all else so they can have a stronger bond


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  • Just ask her straight up. "Will you be my girlfriend?"


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