How to test a guy? How to make sure he is not after my money?

I doubt this guy is dating me for my money, and this is giving me headaches.
He has not asked me to pay for dates and he is nice to me, but he said something that made me alert. He mentions sometimes things he has to do and expenses (jokingly though) but he asked if I can help him with a minimal amount (too small to be asked for). I flipped at him. He said he is just teasing me and he was joking. He was a bit angry and agitated at my reaction (sending incessant texts and calling a lot).

If he is after my money, wouldn't he just shut up after this?

What do you think?


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  • it depends how far he will go for money, its money so he could go a great deal if it matters that much to him. keep him on the fence to find out more or drop it altogether and continue spending time with him but devote yourself to never lend a penny.


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  • First comes infatuation, then goals and wants shouldn't collide then you have to be able to look into each others eyes and see each others heart and know they are doing the same to you, before you can be in love.

    Being frugal may not be bad as long as it isn't insulting.

    If your Dates aren't as wealthy as you, they may have to be more frugal to stay within their means. Which is honesty as he is exposing himself. Being wealthier may create a little awkwardness for both of you at first.

    Whether you and him are meant for each other or not, I think you are smart enough to know difference if you can see his heart.

  • You just said the answer in the last 2 lines [from (jokingly though) part]. Next time when you are dating with someone else, don't drive a fancy car if you have one, just let him pick you. And basically don't tell him what you do for a living, or where you live (avoid talking about anything that may show him that you make $$$$). At least avoid them until you feel the guy is interested in you because of you.
    I started doing it after I learned it the hard way. Just young girls want to hang out with me because of freaking car. Had to borrow my friends 20 year old knockout while he is having fun with mine.

  • pretend that you're poor then?

    • Maybe I ll pretend I am in a bad financial situation.


    • I wouldn't pretend anything. Be yourself and have some fun. Don't base a relationship on dishonesty or suspicion.

      You seem smart enough to discover whether a person is authentic. Finding love isn't easy whether rich or poor.

  • if you want a guy to not look for your money don't say anything about it, wear cheap clothing and don't have much money with you.

    men who are rich and not stupid hide their wealth from people they meet.

    • It's impossible not to say what you do for life or the area you live in. It is like refusing to give your first name!

    • it is possible to lie.
      you are doing this for a good reason, I think men will understand.

  • Why would you think he's after your money? Maybe he had some unexpected expenses and was a bit embarrassed to ask?


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