Should I take a break from him or stick by him?

So the guy I'm seeing has recently been stressed out lately with school and everything since he is a senior and will be graduating in May;therefore, he does not have as much time to spend with me or talk too me as much cause of this but I really like him and I want too be there for him through these times of him having a lot of stress cause he really likes me too and I know if I ask for a break it will really hurt him but at the same time I just want things to go back to normal so should I give it a break? Or stick out his stressful times with him? Please help


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  • If you really love someone you stick by their side especially through tough times. If he's not treating you badly I don't know why you would just bounce during his time of need. It's not about how a couple reacts to the good times it's how they act during the bad times. Support him if you love him, if you find it too much then maybe you should reevaluate your relationship.

    • Your right its just before I talked too him about it I felt like It had something too do with me doing something wrong! Thanks for the advice tho!

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