My boyfirend does not want to kiss me due to my dark lips?

my lips are really dark, and i feel bad that he does not want to kiss me, he says he likes light pink lips,...

iv tried getting treatments for my mouth but it does not workout due to my inheritage,...

over all do guys really find it ugly, gross to even kiss her?


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  • If your boyfriend doesn't like to kiss your lips, why is he your boyfriend?

    • he saw me without makeup for the first time, i reached to kiss him but he refused and said he liked lighter lips, i know my lips are really dark but i didn't think he would be turned off so much..

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    • but iv asked about this, they say 9/10 guy dont like dark lips... but im not sure...

    • I'm not sure about that. I'm sure they are fine if lipstick can cover them

  • Cut his bitch ass off and find a man that will dream about your lips... Never let a man define your beauty only appreciate it!


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  • Show ur lips lol

  • Dump him. Really nothing else to it.

  • Break up with him. He doesn't like you how you are, so fuck that. Btw, dark lips aren't gross. I mean seriously, why the hell would you continue to date a guy like that? Are you that self conscious?

    • no im actually really proud of how who and how i am but i reached to kiss him and he refused out of nowere and said he liked lighter lips...

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    • Yes, please consider yourself :/ I'm sure you have beautiful lips.

    • i thot so too untill he refused to kiss me, but i will get over it, its just so emotional when a guy does this.

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