Did he ever really like me or was it always just sex? Why did he get jealous if he didn't want to be in a relationship with me?

So long story short i broke up with someone i fell head over heels for and i want to know why things happened the way they did. First off we were friends, hen he expressed some interest in me and well you know things happened, for a while it seems like he worshiped me. he couldn't get enough. And when i asked him if we were friends with benefits or something more and he said something more. ok fast forward a few weeks and we were together almost everyday, we stayed at hotels together since my mom came home early from a trip and caught us... embarrassing. of course we had sex every time we met... not that i am complaining because he was the best sex i have ever had and he loved cuddling after which i love too. he would always talk about his mom and once i slipped and said i would love to meet her... let's just say he wasn't having it. Anyway the terms of "us" was that we could date but not have sex with anyone else... and if we found something better then we could leave. I thought he was all i needed but still continued to look because part of me knew he wasn't going to commit. So one day he asked if he could come over the next day and i told him no because i had a date. he was a mixture of angry, jealous, and sad. He said "i am angry because you are mine, and i don't want you falling in love with someone else and leaving me" he told me not to look for a relationship before this one was over. But now i am actually pissed because we have split he never committed to me and was never going to. Why would he get jealous if he wasn't going to commit to me? Did i push i him away or did he actually like me at some point. he did show all the things a guy that likes you does... except giving me the title of gf which he gave to some other girl three days after i cut him loose. Why did he make a big show of something that was just sex?


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  • He just wanted the best of both worlds. He obviously was not good with sharing. Sounds like he's very selfish, he didn't want you to be his girlfriend but had a problem with you dating other people. He probably just wanted you to put him on a pedestal and he was not willing to do the same for you.


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