When will he ask me to be his gf? :) :) :)?

I met this guy off a dating site a week and a half ago. He deleted his profile right before we met. Our first date lasted for 7 hours + a sleepover. Then I saw him again the next day... and 2 days later... and 3 days later... and this past weekend he "lived" with me all weekend. He's talked about traveling together, mentioned "oh it's gonna be hilarious when we live together". We've both said it's crazy how it feels like we've known each other forever, we have really good chemistry. He made it clear on the first date that he doesn't want me dating others... he calls me, texts me every day... But I really want him to make it official!! I don't want to bring it up because I want him to "lead the way", like he's done since we met. :) :) When will he ask me to be his gf? I'm SO excited about this guy that I can't wait!! How can I speed it up? haha :):)


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  • wow, both of you guys are desperate as hell. He seems very desperate, like telling you not to date others, joking about traveling together, plus he seems inexperienced, slept over at your place and still didn't get in your panties. it's usually girls that bring up relationships if the relationship is going right and that doesn't even hit till a few months into it where it already feels like a relationship, and that's when the girl starts wondering, "what are we?" and that's how you know the guy is experienced, this guy seems like he's getting his feet wet with dating. He also seems possessive.

    • Haha you're making a looot of assumptions. He tried SO hard to get in my panties and I said that I wanted to wait. So in the end he respected that. We've had sex many times now. Also we're both very experienced when it comes to relationships - his last two were 3+ years long and mine was 7 years... But what do you mean by getting his feet wet with dating? So you think he's waiting for me to say something? I don't want a bring it up and take the risk :p

    • bring it up, you are female, this will go in your favor, watch.

  • None of us know the guy so obviously nobody can REALLY answer this lol. Sounds like he's close, though.


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