His feels he is to jealous to continue the relationship?

My bf & I have been 2gether for almost 1yr. We both were in bad relationships before, he was cheated on I was not treated well at all. We both have kids & we 4 some part knew each other in hs. He is amazing & a great dad but was obviously treated awful resulting in problems with jealousy. We were great until I feel his ex started saying things 2 make him doubt & reminding him of all the bad stuff that had happened. It started causing residual effects & he became uncomfortable around other people especially guys because of what he had been threw. 2 him he says Im a very attractive girl & I get a lot of atten even something as simple as a look makes him upset. All things he has said. I care about him more than I think he knows @ times & I am aware he feels he is not as attractive as other guys but 2 me I am attracted 2 him beyond what he can c. Understanding how he feels I don't go out of my way to dress up or makeup anymore throw my hair up. He feels threatened even if we r driving or walking in a store if he feels I've noticed a guy he becomes upset, I honestly don't try 2 look at other people I feel & have taken it upon myself 2 look down or away @ times if I feel he may become uncomfortable. He still feels I try 2 look & asks me why I do but I have resulted 2 this 2 try 2 figure out how 2 answer. We r happy & Im a homebody I like being a mom & taking care of our kids brings 2 me joy. We have been threw a big move & haven't been making money really & I feel sum of that has to do with it. He feels there is no point 2 continue but for me we have more good days than bad we r home based a lot & don't have issues unless we r around other ppl. his last straw was Halloween when I walked 1 of the little ones & a guy said "hey there" not sure if it was at me or the little one trick or treating. He feels were doomed

The true question is if it's really doomed or if working threw his past issues will help us move forward. He isn't one who does name calling just when he feels he was wronged it doesent matter if I say he was mistaken.. He just becomes so upset as if I actually talked to a guy. Which let me note I haven't.


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  • it sounds like he needs to deal with his own issues before incorporating someone else into his life. that is definitely taking jealousy way to far

    • He wasn't like this to start it honestly got worse the more she continued to say things.. In a since I do understand but I believe he just needs to understand that all women are not the same. I've mentioned him talking to someone or going together he just feels he's a lost cause. If only the mental beat downs from before could be eased by a caring heart. :-/