Is he blowing me or does he really want to see me?

So I decided to text the guy I like and ask him out for a drink this week. He replied pretty quickly saying that he'd like to but he's really busy at work this week. He suggested that he'd text me if he manages to finish work early this week so we could meet up and he asked what I thought of that. I know that he does work really long hours etc, but it still feels like a bit of a blow off. Is this him blowing me off and letting me know he's not interested? Or do you think he actually does want to but is really busy with work? I'm not sure how to respond. I don't really want to look like an idiot if he's trying to reject me.


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  • he is busy with work. he didn't have to say "i'll text you if i finish my work early." wait till he is free and then see whether he rejects you or not.

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