Would you date me? ;D?

Just wondering if anyone would date me hahaha:

I'm really musical (instruments, and singing and songwriting) and I'm in really advanced classes, probably going for a degree in physical engineering or something like that.
I love helping people but can tend to do what my friends call "overshare," or, affectionately, "being weird," although it's really just being really outgoing at times, but still friendly. This seems to be my main flaw lol. I always mean well in everything I do and am very, very caring and kind :)

I'm 5'10", dirty blonde/light brown hair, green eyes.

Message me and I can send you a pic if you'd like!

*Would you TALK to me? hahaha:)


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  • Well I'm afraid I can't answer that without knowing you a bit better than a short paragraph's worth of information. Sorry :(


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