this girl i like now i mean really like she's and angel who i would do anything for is... best friends with my ex. me and my ex break-up was not a smooth one to say the least and she's a gossiper so she would have told the girl i like stuff. what should i do i just want to tell her how i feel but its just not that easy she's so perfect like never went with anyone doesn't drink smoke etc we used to coach together i just dont know what to do


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  • You were a different person then, if she doesn't trust you because of that explain to her that you are different, it seems to me your ex is just trying to stir trouble.

    • Talk to the girl you like and go from there, don't worry about your ex!

    • i have told my ex to stay out of my life and get over it but this girl is one of the queit ones so most times i go to talk she's with my ex and i can't be like i was different back then with my ex there

    • thanks for the mho!

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  • Just be yourself and confess to her and if she doesn't like you for who you are then she ISN'T perfect


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