Going on a trip together for the first time, how to make it great?

Okay so we have been seeing each other now for 5 months. Things are going really well so far.

He seems to like me and I know I like him. We are no official yet, I don't think. But I'm hoping this trips helps move things along.

The problem is, we are both shy around each other. I think it's because we just like each other so much that we are shy.

So we always have so much silence. And I am never sure what to say. But he wants to go on a couple weekend trips with me so things must be going well :)

How do I make these trips a success?

We are just doing some weekend trips in a nearby city. Nothing too far yet.

I have only stayed in a hotel once or twice before this :P


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  • Guys expect you to buddy up & enjoy their side trips, so prepare for the worst
    Drama, pouting, enthusiasm on empty will kill this trip & the fallout afterwords will not be overcome
    Hotel = sex and nothing more - can you be into this? It does not move things along. It's designed to break the sexual "all the way" ice so it can be forever on tap at home.
    This is your audition both in bedroom as well as travel buddy


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