My boyfriend is hot but weird? 10 points?

My boyfriend and I have been dating for 1 month now.
I am worried for him. He is very good looking but always looks tired & as if he hasn't slept for days.

He has dark circles too & he never looks very fresh & happy.
He looks dull
Always looks tired and sleep deprived. He also loses weight easily.

He gained muscle & he was living at a different place for 11 months. Inspite of hectic schedule he gained weight & looked healthy.
He couldnt even go to the gym frequently yet gained weight.

But in returning home, he lost all the muscle & has now become stick thin like he was before.
He looks famished. He has some sadness in his life and can be lost in his own world even when surrounded by people

What could be his issue? Why does he seem like this? He sleeps really late mostly around 1-2am & sometymes stays awake till 4am & tweets or updates statuses on FB.

What is the problem? He never tells me anything. I am 20 & he's 30


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  • It sounds like a good ol fashioned depression to me. And yeah, for some it manifests in the form of sleep deprivation, rapid weight loss, and a look of sadness. What worries me is that he isn't even hiding it...

    He won't tell you what it is, you say? So it's safe to asume you've talked with him and tried to pry the truth out of him? Have you tried talking with his friends about it? It's not the ideal solution, but he needs help, and you need to at least try. Try to find out what's wrong, and try to help him.
    He needs it, he needs you.

    • Hiding it means?

    • why do you need to read into it that much? He needs help, and you're worrying what it means that he's hiding it?
      I'd rather worry about WHAT he's hiding! So try to figure out what it is! Talk with him, talk with his friends... try to help him!

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  • Very strange. Have you tried sharing a troubled story of your own with him? We all have them. If you don't, make one up but carefully. Let him see you as someone who knows what it means to be unhappy so maybe he'll open up. It could be drugs, an illness, his domestic environment, or who know?

  • First, you should talk to him and ask him what's the problem. If he's having a depression, you should find help for him (only with his approval). If he doesn't tell you what's the problem, you should go on a vacation together and see what happens (does he cheer up? Is something seriousely wrong?). Good luck.

  • 10 points? Someone has spent too much time on yahoo answers...

  • He has an addiction to something or he is really depressed

  • He could be seriously depressed, or it could be that he is smoking which allows depression to worsen and causes weight gain/loss.

    • What about drinking? He does drink and he does have some kind of problem

    • If he drinks violently and frequently, then he needs counseling and if he has a lot of will power, tell him to quit.

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  • Did you confront him already? If you are worried, just talk to him and ask him what's going on. Say that you want to be part of his life.