Guy, why don't girls believe what men say?

I believe men tell us who they are all the time but we don't always pick up on it.

For example, a player I once dated said:

"I don't want to hurt you" which actually meant, when I am ready to leave, I did tell you that I didn't want to hurt you so you have no right to be upset.

"Don't believe the hype" means, it's not what everybody thinks it is. I've heard this used countless times when a guy has been asked about his relationship with a girl.

Get my drift?


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  • Thats because you women spend too much time in your heads. you want to be heard but in many cases refuse to listen. I like the first line of your description. that is absolute truth. Men Always start out with truth, but women put us in a position where we Have to lie and we don't like it. when a guy says something like "I don't want to hurt you" its probably a heads up and if you refuse to listen (like most women tend to do) and still convince yourself it will go somewhere then yea, you have no right to be upset. I constantly preach that guys are very simple creatures... but many women think they are complicated because they themselves don't understand their own complication.
    any other questions?

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    • Actually I did consciously choose this answer and I was sober ;)

    • hahaha i was just prodding... thank you then (i wasn't sober when typing it lol... shhhhh)

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  • These are phases often said by men who really want to control you. Normally a man who is really genuine would never imagine that he would ever do anything to hurt you, in fact his fear would be that you would potentially leave him.
    The statement ' don't believe the hype' implies that he thinks he is the centre of the universe, usually comes from a guy who likes to be centre of attention and honestly believes he is a bit special and that he is talked about because he thinks he is special. Actually he is a narcissist. These characteristics go together.
    There are plenty of articles that describe narcissism and these guys you should be wary of. Learn to spot them and avoid. You will only get trapped controlled and hurt.

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  • Because many women treat men like defective women and assume that many of the straight forward things we do or say, somehow has deeper meaning.

    • Yes, I think this is true. It's mostly because you can be very b&w about things - you simply say yes or no to something and we can start thinking, "Wow, he said yes very quickly just then. I wonder why?" We like to talk to you but you guys deal with things in ways of "I've found the solution, so that question is answered" sorta way. Mars vs Venus strikes again !!

  • Wait what are you talking about? If you date a player of coarse your going to get played. What a mentor told me was "people talk a big game, but instead see what they do and not say". Can you talk the talk and walk the walk? Your actions speak louder than words. A real man does what he has set out to do.

  • No I honestly have no idea what you are talking about because it depends on the context.


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  • Because we get hurt. We lose our trust. Then we start to question every guy we meet.

    Once you get hurt, it is not easy to get over it.

  • Naiivety, lack of experience and believing what they want to believe I. e a fantasy

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